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At ReallyCoons Maine Coons, we have a passion for raising and breeding healthy, beautiful Maine Coons. We strive to produce cats that have exceptional temperaments, health, and beauty. We take great pride in our cats and the joy they bring to their new owners.

Our cats are part of our family and are raised in our home with lots of love and attention. We use genetic testing to ensure that our cats will bring you and your family years of companionship. Whether you are looking for a new family member, a show cat, or a therapy cat, we are your source for the perfect Maine Coon.

Silver Maine Coon
Silver Tabby Maine Coon
Black and Brown Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon
Giant Red Silver Maine Coon
Black Silver Maine Coon
Large Black Tabby Maine Coon
Torbie Mackerel Maine Coon
Black Maine Coon
Giant Cameo Maine Coon
Silver Mackerel Torti Torbie Maine Coon
white maine coon
large white maine coon
silver maine coon torti
white maine coon
Female solid white Maine Coon kitten with gold eyes
white maine coon with blue eyes
Black smoke female maine coon
BLACK Silver Classic Maine Coon
Red Smoke Cameo Maine Coon
tortoishell Maine Coon
Mazi Beautiful Solid Black Female
Vhagar Fierce Male Black Smoke Maine Coon
Saphira  Black Smoke female with high smoke
Black Smoke Maine Coon
Beautiful, perfect and large Black Smoke male Maine Coon one year old
Beautiful Black Smoke Maine Coon
Beautiful Big Black Smoke female Maine Coon at one year old and over 16 pounds
Beautiful Male Black Smoke Maine Coon
Beautiful Black Smoke Male Maine Coon


We got a cat from really coons back in the fall. Liz has been such an amazing breeder. She has such great knowledge on Maine coons. She helped me get on track and teach me how to make raw food. What a difference the raw food makes our other cats have gotten so much healthier from it even our 16 year old cat that had a bunch of health problems is now back to being healthy. Our cat Odin is such a beautiful cat. At 10 months he is already 16lbs and full of spunk. I can’t thank her enough for letting us have one of her beautiful babies!

Angela Jones 


Liz is an amazing expert and really knows her stuff. Her cats are second to none. We are so thrilled with our girl Seeta. Shes been wonderful and Liz has been there to help us along the way. Highly recommended!

Ryan Seymour


Elizabeth is truly the perfect breeder! We adopted our kitten in February and she is the perfect addition to our little fur family. Our kitten came to us very well socialized; her personality is just amazing, and she is so funny and crazy and at the same time so affectionate and eating the best diet in the world for an obligate carnivore. Liz was extremely easy to work with. She arranged for everything and kept us informed and she flew with the kitten to NY to deliver her to us. Her dedication to her cattery is exquisite, she truly cares about her cats and kittens, and it truly shows in the little angel we got from her. Liz is always a text message or a phone call away if I ever have any questions or concerns and she’s always there for us. We couldn’t be happier and so blessed to be able to get a kitten from her. We would always recommend her to anyone who is looking for the most beautiful kitties to add to their families.

Malgorzata Becker


Liz is an awesome breeder and definitely does such a great job raising and preparing the kittens to go home. I recently adopted a Maine Coon from her. He is such a good boy, a talker, and is a mamma's boy big time. Sometime in the near future I will be coming back for another kitty.

Cheyenne N


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