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It started over 20 years ago with a girl and her love for cats. I had my first Maine Coon and I knew I was hooked. Some pets make a huge impact on your life and I knew this was the breed for me. More than a "cat" this gentle giants' personality draws you in until you are inseparable. Once you have owned one, you can't imagine living without one.  In loving memory of Luudo 1997-2017                                                                 

Rare White Maine Coon with blue eyes

We specialize in breeding White Maine Coons, so unique that owning just one isn't enough.

White cats make up only 5% of the worlds' cat population, making a White Maine Coon rare, much less one with two blue eyes. However, we cornered the market and found one of these rare beauties, Lazarus. He has produced magnificent kittens with exceptional ear tufts. White cats have a magical presence about them, its like owning something truly unique. 

There are some aspects to White Maine Coons that people are unaware of:

First, in order to produce a white cat, you need a white parent. 

Second, a white cat masks a dominant color, which can be black/silver or red/cream. As a kitten there is a visible spot of this color on the top of the head between the ears, but this color will fade and disappear with age around a year old.

Third, is deafness. The Autosomal Dominant White (WD) gene plays a big role. All white cats carry one copy genetically. How that copy is expressed determines whether or not the hearing is affected.

There is only a 4% chance of reproducing a cat with two blue eyes. Here at ReallyCoons we have now produced three blue eyed beauties and two heterochromia white kittens (odd eyes). Both a blue eyed female and an blue/yellow eyed male have been added to our program from our foundation male. 


A BAER test (brain auditory evoked response) can be done to determine the level deafness if needed. Often two blue eyes will carry a higher percentage. In odd eyes, the blue-eyed side may cause unilateral hearing. With the experience of breeding White kittens, it is easy to tell which are hearing without a test.

White cats often require more frequent grooming due to their color and any water from the eyes does cause oxidization on the fur. However, this can be easily maintained.

White Maine Coon Kitten with blue eyes
Large Fluffy White Maine Coon with Blue eyes

Polydactyl Maine Coon Tsunami

Giant Black Maine Coon Polydactyl
Beautiful Black Large Polydactyl Maine Coon
Solid Black Polydactyl Maine Coon
Large solid black Maine Coon Polydactyl with a beautiful tail

Polydactyl Maine Coons 

Exciting news!

We are bringing Polydactyl Maine Coons into our breeding program in 2023. Our first polydactyl boy, ReallyCoons Tsunami, was born in 2022 with mitten paws 66/66, and we couldn't be more excited. A polydactyl Maine Coon is a Maine Coon in every characteristic just with extra toes! There are several varieties of polydactyl, but the most common are Mitten paws or Patty paws.

Red Silver Giant XL Maine Coon polydactyl

Polydactyl Maine Coon Tut

Polydactyl kittens born in our nursery
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