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 Beautiful Rare Blue eyed White Mainecoon
Giant White Maine Coon Male with odd eyes Rare
Huge Black Smoke Male Maine Coon


Our first stud that came all the way from Russia from a dear friend. He is a White Maine Coon with blue eyes (W 61). He is the sire to most of our kittens and our foundation lines. He is truly breathtaking and has the sweetest temperament. His ear tufts are to die for, and his grumpy face leads you to believe he is unapproachable, but don't let that fool you because he is a complete gentleman, and those baby blues are magnificent. He holds a CFA Championship Title and has produced many kittens that hold titles as well. We couldn't be prouder of him and his offspring. Lazarus had a perfect echocardiogram and is HCM, PKDEF, PKD and SMA N/N along with FIV/FELV Negative.

Rare White Maine Coon with blue eyes
Rare White Maine Coon with blue eyes

CH ReallyCoons Phantom

Phantom has earned his CFA Championship Title. He is a solid White (W 63) like his father except he has heterochromia (one blue and one yellow/green eye). He has an exceptional personality also to match. Always a lover since birth and his structure and boning is phenomenal. He rolled upside down during his first cat show in the ring doing air biscuits. He can pass his eye color along with blue eyes onto offspring. We can't wait to see how large he actually grows. We have been excited for him to step in and fill his fathers footsteps. He recently turned two and is already over 22 pounds. Phantom had a perfect echocardiogram and is HCM, PKDEF, PKD and SMA N/N along with FIV/FELV Negative. He will be paired in 2023.

Rare White Maine Coon with odd eyes giant
Sweet Giant Rare White Maine Coon with odd eyes


He is an absolutely handsome Black Smoke (NS) that joined us last year. He has brought Smokes finally into our program. He is high energy and has an incredibly loving personality with a tad of silliness. This boy is growing quite large already for his age at just over a year old and a solid 18 pounds. He has been neutered and is Already RESERVED. Draco had a perfect echocardiogram and is HCM, PKDEF, PKD and SMA N/N along with FIV/FELV Negative. He is up to date on all of his vaccines including rabies. He will be sold "AS IS" since he was not born in our cattery.

Large playful black smoke male Maine Coon with gold eyes

ReallyCoons Tsunami PP

large black maine coon polydactyl

Tsunami is our first Polydactyl born in our nursery from "old school" bloodlines. His lines are enormous and have a history of healthy hearts. Tsunami is a solid Black (N) with 6 claws on each paw. We call this 4WD. He was stemmed from a project that we have been working on for some time now. It finally happened, and he joined our program in 2023. We already have a few Queens we have been waiting to pair him with. His giant head, paws and super sweet personality are added bonuses. Tsunami  had a perfect echocardiogram and is HCM, PKDEF, PKD and SMA N/N along with FIV/FELV Negative.

Giant Black Maine Coon male outside in the catio


Beautiful Silver Shaded Tabby Maine Coon Male

Dante joined our program in 2024. He will continue our diversity and outside lines in our nursery. He is from shaded lines. Dante is a NS 22 (High Silver Blotched Tabby). His personality is phenomenal since the day we first met. He loves affection, to be held and to sleep face to face purring and kneading non stop. He has been a blessing as we will be retiring one of our Kings this year. We can't wait to see his high silver paired with our own girls. These kittens will be breathtaking. He has already passed his echocardiogram with flying colors. We are currently awaiting our own verification of his genetics and blood type. We will update all results once received from the labs. He will help keep our Silver tabby patterns and hopefully throw in a few surprises. We also intend on showing him at local CFA cat show this spring.

High Silver Tabby Male Maine Coon with stunning color and looks
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