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Tori Female Maine Coon with fierce face


Our First Queen to join our breeding program. Kali is a Black Silver Classic Torbie (FS 22). She is very sweet and independent. When you look at her face, she appears to be smiling. Her eyes give off a fierceness that she would be a force to reckon with.  She produced some of the most beautiful silver offspring that give off a glowing appearance. She is a strong, wonderful and protective mother. We are continuing her lines in our offspring. (Retired)

Green eyed beauty Sweet Maine Coon torti


Rory was the second queen to join our pride. She is a Black Silver Ticked Torti (FS 25). She is one of our largest females whose personality melts the heart of everyone who meets her. She has produced some of our largest kittens to date. Her carefree demeanor and her sweetness transfers onto her offspring. She is beautiful, sweet and gentle all wrapped up into one. She loves nursing and caring for everyone's kittens. Her nickname is "hooligan" that should explain it all. Several of her offspring will continue in her place. (Retired)

Solid Black Maine Coon wicked looks and great ear tufts


He is a solid Black (N) that has an amazingly sweet temperament towards people. He literally is a big pile of mush when you hold him. He has a very wild look to him with a fantastic ear set. His meek personality added diversity to our bloodlines and made for a great pairing with two of our queens. (Retired).

Extra large Red polydactyl Maine Coon


Our first mitten paw polydactyl to join our program. Tut is a Red Silver Spotted Tabby with some white (DS 24 09) and enormous. He has 7 toes on his front paws and 6 toes on the rear. We call this 4WD. He is one of the largest cats I have ever seen with a massive head. He certainly makes an impression on everyone who meets him. He is a docile boy full of purrs. What's not to love. He is an "old school" version polydactyl from foundation bloodlines. He is a project line that we have been working on reestablishing. We have been successful. (Retired)

Beautiful Black Silver Torbie female Maine Coon

 ReallyCoons Freya

Freya is one of our first females born here. She is a Black Silver Classic Torbie (FS 22) like her mother Kali. She has the softest and most subtle colors, she also has heterochromia (one green eye and one yellow) which makes her truly unique. Her wild features and luxurious coat make her a lovely addition to our pride. She has a special way to even greet you with a chatter from excitement. She gifted us with some beautiful large kittens with great temperaments. Her motherly nature was pure instinct. Freya had a perfect echocardiogram / flow-rate and is HCM, PKDEF, PKD and SMA N/N along with FIV/FELV Negative (Retired).

Rare Blue Smoke female Maine Coon


Siri is a one-of-a-kind type of queen. She is a beautiful Blue Smoke (AS). Her Blue and Silver is spot on amazing and very difficult to find. From day one, she has had the sweetest personality and is a professional "air biscuit" maker. She is a constant talker and always needs to have the last word. Her gentle temperament oozes onto her babies making them purring machines. She will be retired this year and available for adoption. Siri had a perfect echocardiogram / flow-rate and is HCM, PKDEF, PKD and SMA N/N along with FIV/FELV Negative.

Smokey Torti female retired or for breeding in established cattery only


Divina is a very beautiful Black Silver Smoke Torti (FS). She will be spayed or option to only a select cattery for breeding. She has only had one litter with no problems. She is one of our most extreme females and comes from excellent bloodlines. Her father holds a very esteemed title as a WCF World Champion. Divina has a very sweet and lovable nature. She constantly is purring or rolling over on her head to get her belly rubbed. She always is happy and ready for some affection. Divina had a perfect echocardiogram / flow-rate and is HCM, PKDEF, PKD and SMA N/N along with FIV/FELV Negative. 

Silver gray Black classic Maine Coon tabby

ReallyCoons Flint

Flint is an absolute sweet and loving female that is a direct sister to Char. She is a Black Silver Classic Tabby (NS 22) with an amazing pattern and a silver that glows. Her beautiful shaped green eyes are amazing. She was planned to take her mother Kali's place when she retired from our program. We are looking forward to her babies in 2023. Flint had a perfect echocardiogram / flow-rate and is HCM, PKDEF, PKD and SMA N/N along with FIV/FELV Negative.

Huge Black Smoke Male Maine Coon


He is an absolutely handsome Black Smoke (NS) that joined us last year. He has brought Smokes finally into our program. He is high energy and has an incredibly loving personality with a tad of silliness. This boy is growing quite large already for his age at just over a year old and a solid 18 pounds. He has been neutered and is available for adoption now and to go home. Draco had a perfect echocardiogram and is HCM, PKDEF, PKD and SMA N/N along with FIV/FELV Negative. He is up to date on all of his vaccines including rabies. He will be sold "AS IS" since he was not born in our cattery.

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